What We Do

Whether your company is evolving or new to your industry, we work with you to clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your customers, and define your goals. 

Brand Positioning


Brand positioning establishes an emotional connection with your customers. It's how you want your company to be perceived in their minds and among competitors.


We figure out your brand's target markets, then map out scenarios in which those users  might interact with your brand. By examining the behaviors, motivations and frustrations of specific groups, we can identify unfulfilled needs and unlock competitive advantage.

Brand Evaluation
Brand Attributes


These are the qualities of your brand. It reveals personality & functionality through actions, language and imagery. Attributes are what identify your brand.



This is critical for any emerging and evolving business. This process identifies the strengths and weaknesses in your brands competitive landscape. This allows you to better understand the market, target customers more effectively and make intelligent decisions about how to grow your brand.

Competative analysis