What it means to have a lasting impact through brand identity design.

What do you see when you drive down the street or search through google? Why are we always drawn to the same locations for buying coffee? What is it about certain products that have us waiting in line for hours just to get our hands on them first? Good branding has found its way into our psyche. With the use of all the right colors, messaging and design, we have been drawn into buying without questioning, why? All businesses can gain this type of positioning in their market. The reason why businesses like Starbucks are doing so well is because they know the value of branding and understand that being consistent with their identity makes for an authentic experience that people will be drawn to. Let us discover why good branding plays such an important role in today's world of visual communications.

How strong is your branding?

One brand that stand out the most is the Dollar Shave Club. Have you seen their commercials and heard their messaging? Even their packaging calls out to pure manliness. The simplicity in their design combined with their rugged style and messaging is a true testament to what works.

How did they do this? Through a series of campaigns exploiting the right messaging through product convenience so that men can shave freely with a fresh blade every week. Design plays a great part in this role, but more importantly is how they used it.

In our studio, we strive to deliver similar qualities. Every idea goes on the wall and we interrogate it. Pull it apart, question it and tease out its merits and faults. Could it work better? Is there something worth developing? Sometimes it feels like the work is questioning you. It sits there asking: ‘Am I good enough?’

So you see, branding is a whole system, and in that system is a combination of logos, packaging, messaging, colors, shapes, patterns, people, and imagery. All of this creates an emotional response to your audience, and if it's effective enough, your brand will get people to start talking and thus the birth of brand awareness has begun.

Where do you stand?

It's ok to feel clueless. After all, this isn't within your line of expertise. Small businesses today still go through the day-to-day struggle of pursuing gorilla type marketing and direct mail advertising because they fear the unknown; they fear the web. Most see what we do as a means to an end. They picture an idea in their head and truly believe the process to design an effective brand is simple and easy and at a very low cost because to them, anyone can design a logo right?

Strategy plays the most important role in our process. We work to build relationships and strive to strongly understand your business type. We build mood boards and research directions based on who the target audience is. If a business is selling kid toys, would it be wise to build a brand similar to that of the Dollar Shave Club? Not really. In order to build a good brand we have to use your product, hear your philosophy and figure out your main problems and business goals because after all, our job is not only to build brands, but to problem solve why your business is lacking growth.

Branding is the key to practically all of the continued growth within most large corporations. Let us not forget that each and every one of these businesses, Starbucks, IBM, Dollar Shave Club, Lego, Nike, Samsung, Adidas etc., all of these companies have great products but started out somewhere small. Even in their beginning they knew in order to get the masses to buy their product they needed to build an identity and execute the right brand strategy.

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