How to See Past the Money and Build Rapport With Your Clients.

Have you ever been in a situation where you design a logo and style-guide for a client and watch as they throw it all away by trying to design their own ads for their social media accounts? It is kind of tough as a designer to watch your work be misused. I offered the opportunity to manage their accounts but there was no budget. I offered to help build ads for a small charge and got turned down. They simply just don’t see the value and will probably continue to push terrible content on their social platforms.

So, what do you do in that situation? Do you let them just continue to do what doesn’t work? I personally saw this as an opportunity to just help a fellow entrepreneur. I mentioned to download a great app for building social media assets called Adobe Spark. If you are a designer or a savvy social media specialist, I am sure you have heard of this application. It comes with great templates, a variety of font styles, it has an image library, and many of other easy to use features to get any business owner started on their adventure to push ads and other content on social media. Even though I pointed them in that direction, I knew by just giving them the idea to download the app, more questions will follow, so I took the ol’ “Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime” approach and gave them a bit more advice for branding on social media than they bargained for.

Once I sent them the link to download the app, their response was, ‘Now what?’, exactly what we figured would happen. So, with their best interest in mind I kindly wrote:

Dear Client,

Get your hands a little dirty and explore the app a little bit.

Use some of the cool templates and customize them.

There’s an option for free images where you can search images that may reflect your messaging or add in your own from your photo library.

Be sure to make your ads POP!

Also, after you post your ads on instagram, delete them within 3 days. Give offers based on time so people feel a little more pressured to act fast; make it behave like a real coupon. Create a message that will imply something like, “Must repost and use #whateveryouwantittobe,” but stay consistent with your style, messaging and hashtags.

Make your presence online look and feel like how you visualize it. Ask yourself, “What do I want my business to feel like? What do I want it to look like?” Do you remember the words you described to me on how you wanted your logo to feel? Elegant, glamorous, chic. Make your presence online feel and look exactly that.

Only post strong photos. Like pictures of your best work, not all of your work. Work on better lighting for your shot and always slightly edit them. Practice your photo editing skills; there are plenty of free apps for that.

Search for similar profiles of your business type, copy them and make it your own. Picasso, once said, ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’, so don’t be afraid to steal ideas from your competitors.

Stop with the personal live feeds of yourself. If you want to do live feeds, look professional, put yourself in a setting with nice lighting and pick a topic about a product or your business service. Practice articulating your business, a lot.

You have to become your business and show it off as not what it is, but what you dreamt of it being.

These are general things and mindsets that I’ve learned from some of my business and design mentors.

I hope this helps.


Jonathan Montalvo

CEO, Skymont Studio

Before & After Adobe Spark

Good advice goes a long way and it is always much appreciated and sometimes reciprocated. Having a good rapport with a client has a lot of value in itself. Any chance we get to lend a little hand is something we always take advantage of. The way I see it, if I was in a jam it would be nice to get advice from someone with a little experience. In fact, this is me passing on the kindness of others. A great success coach like Tony Robins and many others speak on this type of compassion in business. It allows us to learn from one another and share how we view the process to success through many different mediums. Whether it’s advice from an accountant, lawyer, designer or marketer, it is all useful information for us and our business to allow us to grow and understand things that are outside of our expertise.

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